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Extra Pale Blonde Ale - 6.5% ABV - 45 IBU

Style-Hearty American Blonde Pale Ale

            Grain-2 Row, Vienna, Caramalt

            Hops-Magnum, Centennial, Cascade


This attempt at a Blonde ale emerged from its fermenter like many of us emerge from a winter hibernation: healthy.  Once we realized what we had done, we dry hopped with Centennial and Cascade hops to hide some of its body.  More balanced now with a dry malt profile and a citrusy/dank dry hop, this beer is ready to show itself to spring, curves be damned.  



AMBER ALE - 5.6% ABV - 30 IBU

Style-American Amber Ale

            Grain-Pale, Crystals, Munich, others

            Hops-Magnum, Centennial, Amarillo


Enough malty roasty sweetness complimented by just a hint of hop bite, the Amber is sure to please.  




Style-Munich Helles

            Grain-German Pilsner, Munich, Vienna

            Hops-Magnum, Pacifica

Awww Helles No, a beer can’t possibly be this flavorful and low ABV?!?  YES IT CAN!  Combine full bodied Munich and Vienna malts with German Pils, lightly hopped to end with a bready, crisp and luscious lager that you will want all summer.



Barleywine - 9% ABV - 70 IBU

Style-English Barleywine

            Grain-Pale, Munich, Crystal, Vienna, others

            Hops-Magnum, Cascade, Centennial, more


When you want to learn the capacity of your brewhouse, you make a barleywine.  Ours is more English than American profile. The focus is more on the maltiness than the grain but the hops are certainly there.  Drink it now for a warming, malty and hoppy beer or let it sit til winter for a warming malt bomb.  



German Pilsener - 5.3% ABV -  25 IBU

Style-German Pils


            Hops-Magnum, German Select


Want to do a German pilsner? Then make it as German as possible. Combine German pils grain, German yeast, and select German hops.  The result: a pleasantly malty lighter German lager that balances itself with just enough malty sweetness and noble hopness. 




This Dry, Irish stout is dark, sweet and full-bodied with slight hints of vanilla and chocolate that is not as heavy as you might think.  You'll quickly see why this is the beer that saved modern civilization!



Blonde Ale - ABV - 5.0% - 16 IBU

Style-American Blonde Ale

            Grain-Two Row, Pils, Vienna

            Hops-Magnum, Cascade, Pacifica


Our American Blonde Ale is perfect for the seasoned craft drinker looking for a lighter option or those new to the craft world.  Nice crisp finish that is accentuated by very low hop bitterness.



Small Pail Ale - ABV - 4.2% - 22 IBU

Style-Super Session Pale Ale

            Grain-Maris Otter, Golden Promise, Vienna, Oats



Named because you can make it with a small pail.  Add the best grains, a clean yeast, and aromatic hops and you are left with a juicy pale ale that you could drink by the small pail-ful. Look forward to other single hop varietals to come.

Not much of a beer drinker?  No problem.  In addition to our homemade brews, Northern Row is starting the process of distilling and aging several of our own craft gins, rum, vodka and bourbons.  These spirits are crafted using traditional pre-prohibition mash builds and recipes.

While we are waiting for our product to age, we will offer a number of your favorite premium wines and top shelf spirits from our full-service bar.