Our selection of premium brews

Brew Master Tom Cox is a 15-time award winner for the styles of beer he has produced.  He continues to refine his craft, ramping up production of his recipes at Northern Row.  His collection includes a base selection of beers that are produced year-round and a rotating selection of seasonal items.  The goal is to create a well-rounded craft beer portfolio with flavors that appeal to any beer lover's taste!  A couple of the year-round selections include:


First Offense

AMERICAN PALE ALE - 6.7% ABV - With its golden appearance and a beautiful Simcoe hop aroma, this award-winning Pale Ale is the perfect balance of malt and hops.  It brings the same enjoyment of an IPA, but you can have more than two! 


Three Strikes

AMBER ALE - 5.5% ABV - This ale features mellow caramel malts and a great hop aroma but is not too bitter.  A vivid copper color and profile allow the sweetness of the malt backbone to really shine.  

Helles NO

MUNICH -HELLES - 5.4% ABV -  This Traditional Munich-Helles beer has a golden wheat color with a sweet malty taste and a slight spicy note. The name comes from the German word "Helles", that means "bright".



Barleywine - 13% ABV - Barleywine (or Barley Wine) is one of the strongest and intense beer styles. It has a dark Amber color and bittersweet, complex taste . This is not a beer to be taken lightly, and will have notes of fruit and a resiny hops flavor coming from the high alpha oil hops. We will be offering this beer as a stand alone and also as a barrel aged beverage.



German Pilsener - 4.5% ABV -  One of the most popular lager beers, our Pilsener has a light golden color with a dense rich head. The light citrus taste comes from the Citra and Noble Hops. This is similar in style to the beer that our building was made for in 1895.




DRY STOUT - 4.2% ABV - This Dry, Irish stout is dark, sweet and full-bodied with slight hints of vanilla and chocolate that is not as heavy as you might think.  You'll quickly see why this is the beer that saved modern civilization!



Blonde Ale - ABV - 4.1% - A classic Blonde... Not hoppy, just delicious and easy to drink.  This is a very light, refreshing beer perfect for a nice summer day.





Brew Master Tom Cox isn't kidding around with his brews 

Hefeweizen - 2016 Dayton DRAFT Brewfest - Silver

Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout - 2016 Beer & Sweat - Gold

Russian Imperial Stout - 2 time award winner

Grapefruit IPA - 2016 Beer & Sweat - Gold

Saison - 2016 Bloatarian Open - Silver

Dry Irish Stout - 2 time award winner

American Pale Ale - 6 time award winner

Double IPA - 2016 Cincy BrewFest - Silver

Not much of a beer drinker?  No problem.  In addition to our homemade brews, Northern Row is starting the process of distilling and aging several of our own craft gins, rum, vodka and bourbons.  These spirits are crafted using traditional pre-prohibition mash builds and recipes.

While we are waiting for our product to age, we will offer a number of your favorite premium wines and top shelf spirits from our full-service bar.