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The name Northern Row comes from the name given to the neighborhood in the early 1800's.  At that time, the Cincinnati corporation line was defined by Liberty Street on the North, and any unsavory business or goings on that were not fit to be conducted in the city could find a home above liberty in the Northern Row.  As history would have it, this is where the breweries, bars, slaughter houses and other working businesses set up shop.  Once called "The lawless land above Liberty", we felt that the name was fitting for such a dastardly place that makes beer and booze for the locals.  Pull up a chair, grab a drink, and enjoy being part of the Northern Row.

Our building, dubbed the Apex by some, has an especially nostalgic feel to it as it is an icon of an earlier brewing era.  Purpose-built in 1895 as the ice house for the Christian Moerlein Brewery Company, it is a living example of the coming of age of lager beers.  Our building was built with thick insulated walls and a 25' deep basement, required for the mass production of lager beer.  (Lager beers require cool temperatures for fermentation and lagering.)

The building is also a testament to the beginning of the steel construction age.  After the late 1880s, the use of large riveted steel beams and girders allowed for the carrying of much heavier loads and much taller floors than were previously able to be built using wood or cast iron supports.  As such, the heavy riveted steel columns that boast the Carnegie stamp inside Northern Row are a dominant feature on each floor of the building.

Cincinnati has recently created the Brewery Heritage Trail, a nationally recognized local collection of historic brewery buildings throughout the city area.  The history of the Northern Row building and surrounding neighborhood will be a draw to the thousands of people annually that are participating in the Brewery Heritage Trail tours.  Companies such as American Legacy Tours will take people through the buildings and into the many Lagering tunnels and basements of Cincinnati's historic breweries of old.  Located directly on the tour route, we will be a featured destination stop of the attraction.  We are located on the northern end of the new streetcar line, two stops of which are located within a half block of our doors.


David Berger

David is an experienced business owner with a passion for beer, wine and liquor. Born and raised in the Tri-state, he is eager to offer a fun atmosphere and tasty drinks to a community that has given him so much. David looks forward to creating beers and spirits that pay tribute to the rich brewing and distilling history in Cincinnati. Bringing beer back to this historic brewing building seemed only fitting when deciding to start Northern Row. 



Joe has become a Cincinnati name through his hard work building the J.T.M. Food Group. His passion for Cincinnati and manufacturing coupled with the desire to start a Beverage Company has been a driving force in bringing Northern Row to OTR. A self proclaimed Lager beer enthusiast, it only seemed right that he would himself have a hand in Bringing Lager Back to the neighborhood.




Sam is a Batesville native that has crossed the State-line and now calls Cincinnati Home with his wife Amy and dog rover. His passion for brewing began several years ago, and can be tasted in every beer that he is creating. Working to extend his creativity, Sam is also using his love of Bourbons and Spirits to craft Northern Rows new offerings of liquors.  



Nancy, a recent transplant from Dayton Ohio (Go Flyers) -- but don't ask her what high school she went to -- brings a passion for OTR and the growing local community.  We owe the initial idea of starting this place to her birthday trip several years ago on the Bourbon Trail. While small in stature, she is full of energy and has been a drivng force in starting this business.



The king of social networking, Damon is the go-to guy for everything sales and distribution based.  As an active father, he’s familiar with the concept of being in two places at once, perfect for our hopes for rapid growth. 




Nearly 20 years ago, Tom received an at-home brewing kit as a wedding present and ever since has been brewing award-winning craft beers, including American Pale Ales, Irish Stouts, & Saisons.  Previously, Tom was a founding member of Terrace Park Brewing Co. (TPBC), a home brewing co-op for friends to appreciate great beer.  Under Tom, TPBC has grown quickly in scale and reputation, and has won homebrew competition medals the past 4 years.  He’s excited to bring his creations to a larger market with Northern Row.



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