—  OUR SELECTION OF spirits —

Northern Row has begun the process of distilling and aging several of our own craft gins, rums, vodkas and bourbons.  These spirits are crafted using traditional pre-Prohibition mash builds and recipes.  

While we are waiting for our product to age, we will offer a wide selection  top-shelf spirits from our full-service bar. 

House Made Spirits

Rum, Gin, Vodka & Bourbon (in Time)


—  Manhattan  —
rye whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters

—  Dark & Stormy  —
black rum, ginger beer, lime

—  Martini  —
gin, vermouth, olive, lemon twist

—  Caipirinha  —
cachaça, sugar, lime

—  White Russian  —
vodka, coffee liqueur, cream


Photo by igorr1/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by igorr1/iStock / Getty Images